21 Jun

Vermont Contemporary Art Space


Summer 2016

WHAT:  A pop-up art gallery focusing on Vermont Contemporary Art.

WHY:  The Vermont Contemporary Art Space idea was hatched by Sebastian Sweatman after reading the Seven Days article (4/6/16) ‘Making Art Work for a Living‘, by Rachel Jones,  Sadie Williams & Amy Lilly and reflecting on his own efforts to get his paintings ‘out there’.

Specifically, the article identified a mismatch between the artistic creativity of Vermont, “Vermont has one of the highest percentages of artists per capita,” and yet, “ranks the poorest for art sales” as reported by the Vermont Arts Council. The goal of Vermont Contemporary Art Space is to close the gap!

HOW:  Our strategy is to exhibit important works from committed Vermont contemporary artists. Let us know how we do.

WHERE:  This summer, July 16 – October 15, 2016, we will be at the

Comfort Farm Barn

2313 West Hill Road

Stowe, VT 05672

OPEN:    Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday,  12.30pm – 6pm,  and by appointment

Opening is on Saturday, July 16,  5pm – 7pm  


Vermont Contemporary Art Space opening

Vermont Contemporary Art Space opening

details of Vermont Contemporary Art Show opening

details of Vermont Contemporary Art Show opening



23 May

Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery

If you find yourself in Key West, Florida, with a few extra moments, please visit Paul Gildea at Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery. You might find a few of my pieces from 2014 and 2015 there!

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