09 Dec

Art & Craft Fair at the Sheraton, in BTV

Just after the November Residency, I set up at an Art & Craft show at the Sheraton in Burlington Vermont. 

Below are some photos of the booth. (try  not to focus on the carpet.)



and another,


( Unfortunately, it was not the right place to sell large, abstract paintings! 🙁   Even after an attempt to get people to rethink large paintings….


01 Dec

Vermont Studio Center November 2016 Residency

November 2016 was great!

I had a whole month of non-stop painting at the Vermont Studio Center (VSC) in Johnson, VT. It was a very productive time!

Here’s the crew that was there (photo by H Romero):


And here’s where we were… 


Here’s my studio and the 29 paintings completed!

First painting: 84″ x 164″


next, a set of smaller 44″ x 36″,


Then an experimental, two-sided painting on clear plastic,


Then a pair of 6′ x 6′ warm and cool paintings,



Followed by three small 44″ x 36″ paintings,



and then 5 more small (44″x36″) paintings,



Then two large, 6′ x 6′,



And then another 6′ x 6′,



and another 6′ x 6′ in green,



Two more 6 footers,



And then the final two, (with me in the middle) – (photo by H Romero)


Here’s a final panarama photo (take by Thayer) of some large paintings completed. Thanks for your interest.