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Save Angell Lecture Hall (University of Vermont)


An unusual example of Brutalist Architecture

Angell Lecture Hall

1) Architectural Value – as an example of a Brutalist style building. At the time it was built in 1969 it was unusual. It is still unusual today and still contrasts with the rectangular buildings in the area.

2) Historical Value – The Cook Physical Science building’s auditorium and classroom annex (Angell Hall) is dedicated to the 10th UVM President (1866-1871) who, although at UVM for just 5 years, was President when UVM became a land grant university and when UVM adopted a resolution to admit women.

3) Financial Value – New Englanders are known for frugality. Demolishing Angell Hall, a fine and useful building, after only 45 years of service seems extravagant. Especially since Angell Hall cost $350,000 – $400,000 to build in 1969. Angell Hall’s proposed demolition is a significant part of a $4 million deconstruction cost, a $7 million redesign and re-permitting cost and overall $104 million STEM Complex cost. The dollars would be better spent to;

to improve the insulation and design of the two large glass entrance areas which are reported to leak significant amounts of heat in winter.
to connect Angell Hall to the new steam-powered chillers recently approved by the Board to be installed at the existing central heat/chilling plant (contingent on STEM project final board approval).
to charge the UVM and Burlington’s architectural, design and creative communities to develop cost effective ways to modernize and bring more light into Angell Hall.
4) Practical considerations – taking away Angell’s two large lecture halls (100 and 200 occupants) which are centrally located on the UVM campus and replacing them with ‘lab and research areas’ is difficult to understand. Why replace a centrally located resource easily accessible to many with a resource used by a few? It seems as if the Angell Hall demolition and rebuild is being used as a stop gap while the main Cook Physical Science building is rebuilt (Jan 2017 – June 2018). Are short term needs dictating a significant part of the STEM Complex project?

The ‘Save Angell Lecture Hall’ petition is not a vote against STEM and not a vote against STEM at UVM.

The ‘Save Angell Lecture Hall’ petition is about trying to fit Angell Hall into the STEM Initiative. All three options in the RFP for architectural and engineering services (dated 6/17/13) listed ‘Demolish Angell Hall’ as mandatory. Why was renovating Angell Hall not part of an option?

Maybe Angell Hall’s two lecture halls are too small to be renovated for 200 students in a group teaching method, but maybe they are the right size for 100 students? And maybe this size is a good starting point for faculty that are new to the concept?

Consideration to save Angell Hall needs to be shown. It looks too much like the perhaps valid reasons for demolishing the Cook building have automatically carried over to Angell Lecture Hall.















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