02 Aug

Ten Bends Beer!

Thank you to Ten Bends Beer for featuring Two Faces in their tasting room!

Two Faces

Two Faces, laytex on wood, 48″ tall by 96″ wide

Two Faces at Tend Bends Beer tasting room

Two Faces at Tend Bends Beer tasting room

28 May

Saatchi Showdown Submission – “The Body Electric”

I submitted “3rd Day” to an Art Showdown (!?). This one is organized by Saatchi Online. (Did not go anywhere – but maybe next time.) Details available here:


Saatchi Online logo


Here’s what I entered:

"3rd Day"

“3rd Day”

Not exactly sure how this figure┬ácame into being. The figure’s pose came from my imagination.┬áThe painting is acrylic and laytex and paper towel on canvas and measures 8 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet tall.